Sunday, November 19, 2017

Answer and Covenant (A&C) Series - Start

As part of my own personal study and attempt to live and honor the Lord's words I wanted to do a series of posts centered on the instructions given in the Answer and Covenant (A&C).

These will only be some initial thoughts and discussion about items taken from the A&C.  I will keep them within their context and hopefully discuss them in a meaningful way that can perhaps please God.  If you find yourself reading these, maybe it will prompt thoughts of your own, or additional understanding for your own life.  There is probably a lot more that could be said about each item or phrase I discuss.  But here's to at least starting a discussion, sharing ideas, and speaking openly about the way God has asked us to live.

On a related note, for a style and chaismus breakdown of the A&C, a friend did a complete break down.  It's fascinating.  

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