Wednesday, November 29, 2017

A&C Series - How do men come unto Christ?

And how do men come unto me? It is by faith, repentance, and baptism, which bring the Holy Ghost to then show you all things you must know.
A&C Pg3

The A&C sets out in plainness how to come unto Christ.

On page 6 of the A&C it says:
"I lead to all truth. I will lead all who come to me to the truth of all things. The fullness is to receive the truth of all things, and this too from me, in power, by my word and in very deed. For I will come to you if you will come unto me."

This is a modern reaffirmation of receiving Christ as Second Comforter.  The promise is there, spoken by Christ again in our day. 

The specific phrase I wanted to talk about from the A&C today was by faith.  That's the first listed item on how to come to Christ. Faith as we hopefully all know implies action.  Action consistent with a correct belief.  Everyone acts consistent with some belief.  But the Book of Mormon says the modern audience the book speaks to has "unbelief".  Which goes beyond just a lack of belief, but having beliefs that are incorrect.  So we need to get correct beliefs, then act on them. 

As to faith.  

Mountains aren't moved by looking at life through eyes of doubt, and surrendering to our confusion and despair. Mountains are moved through faith. They move by looking at our lives through the eyes of faith. Without faith, New Testament says, we cannot please God. Not wishful thinking, or some pop psychology power of positive thinking, but a Christ centered faith that is real, tangible, and has substance to it. The faith view is that He is the one behind our life's challenges. He is the one providing them as an opportunity for us to demonstrate our faith in Him. He is the one that gives us challenges and then will walk by us to see that we succeed. We have to view life and our challenges that way or our faith will not have any fruit. God IS involved. He is NOT distant. He is intimately involved, but we lack the faith to see it because we often do not view our lives or challenges in a spiritual context. We think they are just physical dilemmas. So we have to look through a more correct lens.

Whatever the challenge is in our lives, we can see it as purely a physical or temporal problem, or we can view the thing in a spiritual setting, in the correct light, which is the ongoing battle between faith, and skepticism.   Faith in God to deliver you, or doubt.

The issue is never just physical. It's always about our faith in Christ or our doubt of Him and his involvement. Faith includes seeing your life through eyes of faith. One of the effects of this is it often lifts your mood the minute you begin to demonstrate a smidgen of faith.

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