Saturday, August 30, 2014

The Giver

We went and saw The Giver in the theater today. Very interesting story. 


The story is about a master-planned community. To eliminate pain and problems, the Elders created a way in which their citizens live in total conformity. No color, no music and no emotions. The citizens are unaware of history or the existence of anyone else beyond their boundary, so they're unaware of any other way of life – except for The Giver.

The society the story takes place in is one in which the people have been lied to about their past.  Only one citizen retains the memories.  

There were two quotes that stood out to me.  

The way things look and the way things are, are very different.

Don't take something as truth just because someone you trust tells you

How often we take things as true just because someone we trust tells us.  And who do we trust?  Some people are trustworthy, but trusting someone should not be the measuring stick of what we take as truth.  

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