Monday, January 28, 2013

Getting out of our own way

How often would you say we get in our own way?  With things of the Spirit, the Gospel, our work, families, kids, relationships? I wondered today just how often we ourselves are predominately what gets in our own way.  Sometimes it's the mind, which tries to run the show or become overly analytic, or at times it could be our heart which is troubled, holding on to pain, regret, or not moving towards forgiveness.  

I wonder if most problems we associate with "others" or attribute to "them" or blame on someone or something else involves a lot of us getting in our own way.  Take any problem and notice how it will usually be presented or pass through our mind as though someone or something "else" is the cause or culprit.  And yes sometimes others could stand to make some changes, but if we're not careful that is where we get stuck. We may deceive ourselves into thinking we couldn't possibly be contributing to the problem.  Self deception, blaming, being the victim, fear of not doing it perfect, avoiding, needing to "prove" our virtue, indecision, denial, doubt, anger, amplifying the faults of others to justify our assessment of them, the need to be right, the need to correct others all the time, needing "them" to change.  These are things and tendencies that so often get in our own way.

Those things can also easily cover their own tracks.... meaning we feel totally justified by doing them and then don't notice or remain unaware that we are doing them.  What if, in the last analysis it turns out one of our greatest impediments was not God, others, or our circumstances, but ourselves getting in our own way? 

The times in life when we truly "listen" to the light within us and then get out of the way are fulfilling and enjoyable.  Freeing even.  Sometimes it's the simple, unexpected solution which you didn't expect.      


  1. Your list of possible ways we get in the way of our own self was as if you had a looking glass into me. Thanks for the voice of caution. Much appreciated.


  2. I too have wondered about this. I hope you will expand this idea.

    Thank you,