Friday, November 16, 2012

Doubting Doubt

There is a really good interesting interview on Mormon  Found here.    (for some reason the link takes a while to load)

In the comments section the interviewee was responding to some comments about the difficulty and process involved in developing and strengthening our belief and closeness to the Lord. He said the following which I loved and found very profound.

"There is reason to doubt. There is reason to believe. There is pain, longing, and there is a choice to be made. Choose to believe, and then choose to seek for Him. It is that choice in the face of reason to doubt, and the decision to press forward to Him that develops within you the capacity to find Him.

If you choose to believe, and to leave the reasons for doubt aside, there will be more proof of both. More reason to believe, and yet more reason to not. This will lead you to the point in which you can choose at last to doubt doubt itself. Why trust doubt? Why is it the more compelling view? Therein lies deliverance.

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