Monday, November 19, 2012

America's Favorite Sins

Based on the top movies out right now a pretty noticeable theme.  America's favorite sins!

When I say favorite sins, it's cause it's true.  We have our favorites.  They are the most common, the ones people are entertained by the most, and they are the sins that bring the biggest box office rewards.  Watch some new releases yourself.  I'm not being a sour puss and trying to wreck everyone's entertainment.  This stuff just needs to be called out once in a while for what it is.

"Murder", "immorality", and "calling evil good" are some of the biggest hitters.  We Americans LOVE our sins.  Or love to be entertained by them, one of the two.    

The names of the sings get changed which can make it slightly less noticeable.  But that all gets forgotten while we sit in the dark, eyes gazing at the man made stars.       

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