Friday, July 16, 2010

Hidden in plain sight

My coworker knows I like astronomy so occasionally I'll get an issue of a previous months astronomy magazine put in my box. Today's had a very beautiful picture of a nebula that an amateur astronomer had found. The title read "Hidden in plain sight". Something in plain sight had alluded all others until this amateur came along.

I loved that title. It reminded me of the times in life when something obvious had alluded me. There it was, in plain sight, observable by everyone yet completely hidden.  A few examples of this came to mind. One deals with different levels of communication. There are messages communicated every time anyone interacts. There are so many messages that communication experts often say "you can't not communicate". It's right in front of us, but without fail most of the communication either isn't noticed, understood, or seen with enough objectivity to get the message. It's especially apparent in dating. Almost a secret language exists. Once you see it, then it's obvious but it's also hidden in plain sight.

That astronomy magazine reminded me that the scriptures were intentionally written just that way.  They are written so that things are truly hidden in plain sight.  It's up to the reader to humbly read the scriptures and obtain the hidden, but obvious insight.  Funny that often scriptures and Christ himself refer to peoples blindness. On occasion it does deal with a person's physical eyes not functioning properly. But most of the time it's a different form of blindness. A kind of blindness where truth is not seen.  It's there, but not seen.  I"m amazed again and again how clear the scriptures are, it's often so easy to miss what has been in plain sight all along. I love it when such things appear. The allusive obvious.

Read the scriptures with that in mind and see what may jump out that was actually there all along.

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