Monday, September 17, 2018

Right thing at Right Time

I had posted something a few days ago on the blog about the SOP and a proposal I had put together after discussing the issue with friends.  I made some edits the next day but eventually took it down because I increasingly felt corrected and that I was in the wrong.  As part of my own records, and part of my own need to be honest and forthcoming, even about my mistakes, I put that back up. 

I believe now that the correct course of action by someone seeking to do God's will can be one thing in one circumstance and be something different in another circumstance.  The circumstance and the context surrounding it matter.  It's not ok to discount the voice of the people and introduce competing proposals which had not gone through the same process that others had. And which didn't properly take into account the activities and votes most recently taken.  With that in mind frankly I've had to repent.  I may yet need to repent further but my mind has cleared and these thoughts are now coming into clearer focus. 

Opposition is part of the universe we live in. I believe we are charged by God with circumstances that require all of us to act in the presence of opposition. Meaning opposing forces. That is how I believe you show faith. That is what defines the character. It’s a matter of correctly identifying the force opposing God and then act in faith in spite of it; because it’s not going to suddenly go away with the next new idea.

I’ve reasoned it through and been diligent and prayerful in my studies and research of all that has gone on over the past year+. I’ve followed opposing views as far down each respective path as my time and circumstance permitted. Some views left my mind in darkness. Some views brought light. Some continually confuse me. Some views had great light and were very Christlike but were not the relevant (or plausible) group action at the present moment with where the topic presently stands. It could have been, but as we know this could have been done a while ago.

I see the body of believers has had many options some of which I really liked but which are now in the past.  So for me, the correct choice right now given all the votes and lot process and what happened in Phoenix is to go with the LOTS. This process showed equality and respect. I voted for that method originally and trusted the outcome to God. I still do although I admit I got distracted. After all that had happened and the prayers offered, we offered a reasonable and public method (lots) for God to show us His part. Each has to decide if worked. I believe it did. God can correct where we err. This stuff is living and changing. So right now with what I know, it’s Lots. When offered a chance I hope all factions come together.  None of this is about determining who belongs to a group.  It's a phase of showing our hearts and demonstrating our ability to come together and be one.  So if we stop worrying about which group we'll belong to, or what this Lots document will portray the movement as, and go back to the humility to look for and listen for God, then we have turned back to face God. That's what I'm hoping to do.

I have compassion for other views and see no reason why any need to depart or be upset if they don’t like the LOTS document.  We have a chance to show oneness of heart. We have yet to do or sustain or adopt anything that God can then work with. After a while that seems more and more unacceptable for rational and intelligent beings to stalemate long term when the assignment was a light thing that could have been done long ago.  I don't believe we honor God in such behavior.  So I support making a decision to come together and proceed and accept what follows from God.  The time is far spent.

I vote lots and vote to sustain. I seek harmony. Let’s come together at this next conference! Just doing that would be a step of showing progress in becoming of one heart.  Would the Lord rather us come together now? Or remain divided yet longer?  I believe we are being invited to come together now.

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