Thursday, March 26, 2015

AutoPay Tithing

In case you wanted tithing to come out of your bank account like any other bill does on auto bill pay, now you can pay your LDS tithing online!   

Auto pay is one of those slick ideas that the business world adopted that I'm sure has made them billions.  It's an extremely convenient way to get money out of people's pockets without them noticing.  I can only wonder the money that has left people's accounts simply because it was on auto pay.  Had they been required to take some action, or make a decision, they may have canceled or taken any number of other directions than allow the auto pay to deduct.     

Now it seems religion is jumping in on this modern convenience.  Donations can be magically deducted from your bank account without you even knowing it. Think of the blessings!  (I'm being sarcastic).  Now you can automate future obedience.  Haha.  

Where does your money go?  Who cares! It's on autopay!  What about those in need?  Who cares, it's on autopay, I never liked feeling sad for them anyway (more sarcasm).  I can rest easy, my obedience is on auto pay.  Never-mind the obscene fine print on the tithing form, never mind the complete lack of transparency despite God's instructions to provide it, your obedience will land you right in the celestial kingdom.  We can rest assured our leaders have us in good hands.    

Come one, come all, let us set up tithing auto pay, and pay the Lord with as little thought and care as possible.  I'm poking fun at this, because I think it's interesting.  

Here's the link on how to do it. 

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