Tuesday, May 13, 2014

It's not personal, it's just business

Whether or not you like The Simpsons, sometimes they hit the nail on the head.  For many families growing up this show was not one all parents wanted their kids watching.  For whatever reason, I still enjoy the show.  This is a classic series of scenes, full of rich truth.  Give it a good minute into it and and you'll see what I mean.  Prior to this Homer and Bart built a rocket which strayed off course then hit and destroyed their local church.  The next few minutes after that is priceless.

Mr Burns:  "I've got the answer, just let me run this Church like a business".

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  1. Fond memories of Army Basic Training, where one of my fellow recruits related his most memorable impression of Utah as being the giant waving cowboy at the casino in Wendover (actually just on the Nevada side of the line). Is there some kind of hidden meaning, how that was more memorable to him than, say, Temple Square? (This was clear back in 1976.)