Monday, February 24, 2014

Just Another Christian Faith

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints released a video describing itself as just one of many other Christian faiths. See, or listen to the opening line of the official church video below.

Every attempt was made to make us part of mainstream Christianity.  I could hardly find 2 things which distinguishes the church from other Christians.  If I were looking for truth I wouldn't think twice about this mainstream generic church they advertise.  I did see a tiny graphic of the Book of Mormon, although beside the graphic the book of Mormon was not mentioned verbally.  The early Saints were condemned (which continues until now...) by the Lord for neglecting the Book of Mormon.  I can't say we are doing any better.  We hardly even mention it in our modern marketing of the Church.  Which marketing a topic for another post.  Is this video how you picture the early saints speaking about the restoration??  Where's the rugged, bold preaching of truth?  Where are those who speak the truth boldly without regard for the persecution which will follow?  This video on the other hand seeks to gain the acceptance and approval of the widest possible audience.

I did hear Joseph Smith's name mentioned but briefly and only to say he was the founder of the Church.  But that was it.  That was it!  There was barely even a claim that Joseph Smith and the Book of Mormon even existed. The worldly marketing of this video was superb.  It intentionally leaves fundamentals out, it tries to set the record straight that we ARE Christians.  It doesn't alienate anyone, doesn't make any big claims, doesn't offend anyone, doesn't teach anything which could bring about persecution.  It doesn't stand for anything other church's don't.  It also doesn't share any restored truth...  I guess we are part of historic Christianity, we have our own creeds we must believe to be accepted, we trust in the traditions of our fathers more than revelation.  We have leaders which sit in "Moses's" seat.  We experience less and less revelation, fewer and fewer gifts of the Spirit and now seek company with the world.  Literally, we're a "global" faith in that we have members all over the world, but also in the sense that we, too, seek the acceptance and praise of the world.

It's a sad day when the restoration devolves into "Just another Christian sect".  I realize you can't include everything in a few minute video.  But really?  I mean really?  Is that what the COB (church office building) is creating and putting the Church's stamp on? Its an insult to the restoration and the truth Mormonism once stood for.'s ironically accurate, but it's more of an image.  A marketable image, like a product for sale rather than truth that will save.

Here is the video recently put out by the church, shared by masses on facebook, and on the official Church Website.  Notice the extensive graphics, editing, music, etc....  They did a good job.  But I also noticed a lack of Gospel content.

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