Monday, December 17, 2012

Truth in a Sentience

This is perhaps my favorite shortest verse of scripture.  It says it all.  Moroni penned it, or engraved it into metal plates to be more correct.  

"Wherefore, ye may also have hope, and be partakers of the gift, if ye will but have faith." 
(Ether 12:9)

His one sentience truth uses the word "Ye". So it's clear he's talking to the reader, whomever that reader may be. Which means you and I. We can partake if we will but have faith.

If we don't qualify, it's because we didn't have faith. Or in other words we had "unbelief", were full of false doctrine, followed errant leaders, were obsessed with vanity and were terminally blind, by choice. Once you read that verse you can't claim ignorance.  If we will but have faith we too can have hope and can partake of the heavenly gift. 

So if we don't qualify we were too stiffnecked, proud, or too distracted to be humble and give place in our hearts that the seed (The Word) may take root in us.  And by so doing we end up rejecting the gift. But we ask, Lord when did we reject you?  Lord, have we not attended Church?  Have we not worn fine apparel every Sunday?  Have we not adhered to the traditions of our fathers? Are we not part of the true Church?  Have we not done many wonderful works in your name? 

In the end we need to know the Lord, not just know about Him.  If we will but have faith in the true and living God, we can have hope, and partake of the heavenly gift.

Love that.  

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