Monday, October 15, 2012

Revelation to the Press

During the Church press conference held last week Elder Holland said that: "revelatory power" had occurred with regard to the announcement for missionary age change.  Also, prior to general conference, Elder Nelson is quoted by a public affairs missionary blog in Europe (link) as saying: "revelation is alive and well in the church, and that we should listen closely in our upcoming general conference as last Thursday President Monson received revelation that will "shape the future of the Church".

This we now know was referring to the missionary age change.  But if you weren't at that small meeting in Europe, and didn't watch the press conference, you wouldn't have known about a revelation.  The talks in conference did not mention any.  Without the press conference and that blog, the change/announcement was a procedural change as a result of investigation, and initial trial runs in other countries.  These trial runs were positive and those involved motivated the most recent announcement: "Their faithfulness, obedience, and maturity have caused us to desire the same option of earlier missionary service for all young men, regardless of the country from which they come."  It was prayed and pondered about. Then the age for young women was considered and a decision was reached. Those were the words used.  See the address here

I'm happy to hear of revelation occurring in the Church.  After all we are the ones that claim modern day revelation from God.  But yet when it happened, curiously no one said so.  Not one authority in the actual conference broadcast mentioned the word revelation with regard to the announcement.  I had to watch the press conference to hear it.  The media, and not the church members tuning into conference, were the ones to hear that Church leaders had experienced revelatory power.  I found that interesting.

By one viewpoint revelation from God would be the first and primary thing leaders would want to tell the members.  Thus helping the body know they are lead by God, and revelation, and not just by men of the Church.  Churchmen.  

If the media and the public were the only ones to hear about "revelation," that to me says something.  Something that brings the word "marketing" to mind.

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