Saturday, September 22, 2012

Blinds and Scales

As I opened the blinds of my bedroom window today, I had to consider the concept of blinds.  In the context of the gospel, there are blinds in us that we must open if we want light to shine through.  Or as an alternative we can continue sleeping in darkness.

As Hugh Nibley has said, "nobody likes to be awakened from a deep sleep. So we choose to sleep on."  But Christ is saying to "awake, and arise" in a number of ways and places (D&C 88:83, 2 Ne. 1:13-14, Jacob 3:11).  Gospel nap time shouldn't last until it's too late.  And so "it becometh every man which has been warned to warn his neighbor".  The scriptures are warning everyone.  We should take the warning seriously and consider the call to open the blinds.  "Scales" is how it's put in Acts 9:18.  

I remember when for me,"scales as they were" fell from my eyes.  Such things and ideas as were presented had never entered my mind, nor my heart.  I had never conceived of such things as then became visible.  I could not and cannot forget, nor deny the experience.  Its etched into my mind and heart.  "Scales" instantly struck me as an appropriate word when I heard it. I did not know what to call it at first. I spontaneously wanted to say "wherefore i was blind, but now i see".

 It was years ago but is still vivid in my mind. As vivid as what I did 10 minutes ago. In fact more vivid. It's not only "real life" it's almost "super real". That's perhaps not the best word, but I don't know how else to describe something that is more real than most other moments of my life. And all of this, not of myself, I'm not capable of it. It was actual light from God. It was illuminating and brought joy beyond what I had known possible. It's my testimony that these things are true, and they happen.

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