Tuesday, September 20, 2011

The inner game

"Men play games, because God first plays a game."

"When the mind is free of any thought or judgement, it is still and acts like a perfect mirror.  Then and only then can we know things are they are."

There is the part of ourselves that all of us deep down desire to be in harmony with. It's a part of us that is non judgmental, non striving, and not critical. It's the childlike part of us that learns through experience and is extremely competent.

While speaking of this childlike part of us that is a superior learner he says "soon he realizes that learning in this way (by direct non judgmental experience) is a very different experience from that of being fit into a preconceived model of correct form. It is the experience of learning from the inside out, instead of from the outside in, and it is always a beautiful thing to see."
"Learning to play with natural forces is a useful experience in every living.  From it we can learn to act in harmony with our changing surroundings, other people, and ourselves. Relying on gravity clearly demonstrates the advantages of blending with and using existing forces to move toward a chosen goal.

-Tim Gallaway, The Inner Game of Tennis

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